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Step into a different world

Step into a different world on our gentle textile adventures in South India. We’re there to make your trip as enjoyable, informative and immersive as you would like it to be.

Kerala’s Woven Heritage Tour and Kerala Looms and Lores Tour take you meandering through North Kerala to out of the way villages, remote beaches and bustling towns focusing on textiles and traditional culture to give you a taste of everyday life in this tropical paradise.

Our more in-depth South Indian Threads Tour travels across three states through a varied landscape of tropical forest, mountains, coastal backwaters and beaches, paddy and sugar plantations, tea gardens and coffee plantations giving you a dazzling view of South India whilst discovering the story of cotton and how the search for sustainability is leading the revival of handmade cloth.

Kerala’s Woven Heritage

15 nights

Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and colours of unknown North Kerala and discover its centuries old handloom weaving traditions. Learn from local weavers on our flying shuttle workshop and three day weaving workshop.

Kerala Looms and Lores

15 nights

Explore Kerala’s handmade textile heritage and cultural highlights while enjoying its stunning tropical landscape. Historic Kochi, backwaters trip, tea gardens, weaving community visits, deserted beaches, natural dyeing and batik workshops with local artisans.

South Indian Threads

19 nights

Cotton from seed to sari, serene backwaters and palaces. Theyyam and Kathakali, tropical beaches and temples. Hands on workshops in block printing, natural dyeing and hand spinning with local artisans. An immersive exploration of Kerala and Karnataka’s textile and cultural heritage.

Ethical Tours

Exploring South India with us is replenishing, uplifting and enriching. It’s also good to know that you’re giving back to every artisan you meet and learn from on your tour.

Our Artisans Fund takes 5% of any profit we make for promotion and development of their heritage skills and sustainable textiles, to support them in connecting with a wider audience.