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Onam Starts Countdown to Kerala’s Woven Heritage Tour

As we start the countdown to Textile Travels first exciting textile tour of the season, Kerala’s Woven Heritage,https://textiletravels.co.uk/tours/keralas-woven-heritage-tour/ the Onam Festival is happening all over Kerala. It’s the biggest and most spectacular festival of the year. The whole state enjoys ten days of celebrations, music and dance performances, elaborate meals, flower carpets, rowing competitions, and […]

November Update

Can’t wait to travel in 2021? Hello everyone, we hope we find you well and looking forward to the time when we can all once again travel to tropical climes and warm seas – we are certainly looking forward to seeing you!  Here at Textile Travels we are excited to learn more about the development […]

Khadi Conundrum

It struck me the other day that there are two things that are part of my life that epitomize two aspects of modern life that seem to be diametrically opposed. Mass-produced and disposable versus hand-produced and sustainable. Both feature strongly in my life and pull in opposite directions Following on from an inspiring and uplifting […]

Running With The Threads – Part Two

JODHPUR I don’t know what I thought I’d find in Jodhpur. I’d always liked the sound of it in a aj sort of way before I knew what the Raj actually meant for India. The names Jodhpur and Jaipur conjured up scenes of athletic pukka civil servants and military types playing polo and enjoying G […]

Disentangling The Threads

Originally posted March 3rd 2020 Every night in India I fall into bed like the dead. Just keeping up with the sheer energy of the place is relentless and exhilarating. Yet, at the same time life moves slowly in some ways. Distances stretch with the state of the roads and manic traffic. It takes time […]

Picking Up The Threads

I’m re-posting this from my old blog onto the new one here. Written on 1st February 2020 on the way to India again….. It’s been quite a journey since I started out on my quest to try to raise the profile of some of the textile artisans of Kerala and Mysore and to try to […]